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The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is the largest trade union of public employees in the United States. It represents 1.3 million public sector employees and retirees, including health care workers, corrections officers, sanitation workers, police officers, firefighters, and childcare providers.

Afscme has poor management as an employer, lacks training, and has a toxic working environment, a former employee claims at

"Horrible. My first day my “trainer” slept at his desk. Training is nonexistent. Management is extremely condescending and rude. The very same things we fight employers on will get done to you. Tons of backbiting employees as well, I’ve never seen so many people talk poorly about others (including management)."


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Office Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Responsible for all administrative and clerical duties. Assist with all the Human Resources and Accounting duties as well. Clean the office to include the toilets and taking out the trash."

Senior Organizer (Former Employee) says

"AFSCME 3299 has a new Director that wants to win big and show to the E-Board that she knows what she is doing, and has what it takes to win a good contract. This comes at the expense of their staff. It is completely demoralizing, with no respect to the staff, or the fact that they are unionized workers also. The director is using all the same tricks the external organizing bosses use to win, which is to work organizers to the ground, and then get rid of them, or burn them out so they can't last. Or should I say all the same tricks bad bosses use. Forget wanting a family! They are everything unions shouldn't be, but unfortunately are. Organizers, wise up! Start standing with each other, the same way you want the workers that you organize to do. Like every job, you actually get better the longer that you stay. Cons: bad bosses and disrespect."

Campaign Worker (Former Employee) says

"Door-to-door seeking citizens to elect President Cons: weather sometimes not permissable and having people shut their doors in my face."

President (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was to always be on guard Cons: debating issues"

Staff Representative (Former Employee) says

"Great cause but highly intensive. Poor management . Unfair distribution of work. Long hours and stressful situations to handle on a constant basis."

Assistant Director, Media Relations (Former Employee) says

"high stress, high pressure. very little work life balance, no work from home option, high level of expectation, tons of travel required and extremely buraucratic"

Data collector (Former Employee) says

"I needed a job and this place was hiring. There was not a lot of advancement opportunities, and the scheduling was a little inconsistent. The staff was great and made it a comfortable place to work"

Lead Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"never a typical day. each day was something new and a new challenge. Great advancement opportunities, however, required long travel away from home and family Cons: not family friendly"

Staff Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is a tough job with ongoing crisis. Pro is you certainly do not get bored . You need to wear many hats and be very flexible in your working hours as there are many evening and weekend meetings. Cons: Long hours"

Organizer II (Former Employee) says

"working on the road in all areas of the United States. Travel by plane and by auto. Living out of hotels and traveling to public worksites. talking to public employees about what they would like to get from the facilities they work in. Setting up meetings and building strong leadership and Committees to communicate with management to develop a safer working environment establish fair and consistent work rules. Cons: Time away from family, many hours a day working at worksites and going to their homes to talk to them."

Field Staff (Current Employee) says

"The culture at AFSCME is much like a family. Everyone looks out for another and really tries to help each other out. There is really a team mentality when it comes to getting large tasks completed. Cons: Work life balance"

Accounting Clerk (Current Employee) says

"working here is a breeze and very helpful if you have kids and family. Its geared towards just coming in completing your job then figuring out the rest. The pay is very average and does not really work well for the fast pace worker or achiever unless you have the proper connections or more than a college degree. I would recommend this job however be Leary of it becoming to comfortable."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Afscme full-time Cons: It is very ironic being a Union fighting for the quality of life for our membership they are putting lives at risk and deploying employees back into the field. It felt very abrupt and matter of a fact on the same day they announce we have Juneteenth off they announce plans to go back to the office. Social distancing and quarantining is the most effective plan against COVID and as the country with the most cases and not even out of our first wave, I am surprised by the urgency from Lee Saunders and his leadership team on bringing people back to the office. Telework was looked down upon beforehand but teams have been very productive. They were rash about the first wave of people back to the office and I am scared for the handling of our return back to the office as we learn new things about COVID every month. There are more cons than just COVID but this seems most pressing. Other things I will briefly mention is the pay is very low and there is only career growth after sacrificing your sanity for a while to move up . Also people tend to be disrespectful here, there is a lot of "behind your back talking"."

Former Employee - Organizer says

"I worked at Afscme full-time for more than a year Cons: Union treats its employees as bad as the worst employers of the members we represent"

Former Employee - Research Librarian says

"I worked at Afscme full-time Cons: I have 15 years of successful experience as a librarian in both public and corporate settings. This job was an utter failure on so many levels. They falsely described the nature of the job in my interviews and falsely led me to believe that they would give me up to six months to acclimate to the job. Instead, they heaped unreal expectations on me to perform at some unreasonable level of performance only weeks into the position. I was even coming in early every day (working overtime) in order to get up to speed; this was not good enough. After one month with zero warning (sideblinded): I was dismissed from the job with a severance payment. They were exceptionally vague about the reasons why I was being let go. I have never in my life experienced anything as strange as working for AFSCME. They refer to each other as brothers and sisters: very cultish! I've worked in a wide variety of jobs and this is hands down one of the worst jobs I've ever had in my life. Beware!"

Former Employee - Organizer says

"I worked at Afscme full-time for less than a year Cons: Horrible. My first day my “trainer” slept at his desk. Training is nonexistent. Management is extremely condescending and rude. The very same things we fight employers on will get done to you. A good example is forcing people to cancel three weeks worth of their off time because it was “all hands on deck.” Even though they have a CBA. Tons of back biting employees as well, I’ve never seen so many people talk poorly about others (including management) even though they’re all “brothers & sisters.” That’s a total joke. Miserable people in general. Communication is laughable. Because it sucks and they don’t know how to. Zero autonomy to do your job. Unless you’re desperate, avoid at all costs."

Former Employee - Communications Specialist says

"I worked at Afscme full-time for more than 3 years Cons: -AFSCME likes to brand itself as civil rights champions. They are not. They don't care about their black members (I have seen staff lie to members' faces while still convincing them to be featured in AFSCME's publications so we can check off the diversity box). They can talk about MLK and Memphis all they want, but they have strayed FAR from that vision a long time ago. - Management is awful. I have seen people bullied here by the same person over and over again; 4 women of color in a row all left within 3-6 months of being hired under the same manager, often in tears. Upper management has seen this mistreatment of employees, but does nothing to fix it. Instead, the bully has risen up in the ranks. The Peter Principle applies here: managers tend to rise to their "level of incompetence". - You will feel like a cog in a machine. They WILL blow any mistakes you make out of proportion, and you constantly need to CYA and CC every person under the sun when you email ANYTHING out. You'll get PTSD when you leave the job and you constantly feel like re-reading your mail 5 times to make sure it doesn't offend anyone before emailing 20 people JUST in case. - We've had consulting firm drop US, and not the other way around, because we were so disorganized and such a pain to work with as an organization. - They say they want creative ideas, but they don't. They will just crush you until you have no creative spirit and start to automatically doubt yourself. - It's a toxic environment. Drink the koolaid, or you're screwed. Working at AFSCME Convention is seen as a "privilege." The "privilege" to have 5am-11pm workdays for 5 days in a row, and no comp days to make up for it. We have a saying, "If no one (staff) cries or goes to the hospital during convention, then it's not really convention!" It's 17 hour work days, and sometimes a man will have a heart attack or something. If that's not sending you alarm bells, I don't know what will. - There is no work-life balance. - The staff union is an internal union, so it's not as strong. Everyone is afraid to speak up. Nothing changes here. -AFSCME international (at least the department I worked in) will crush your soul. Just don't do it."

Former Employee - Business Representative says

"I worked at Afscme full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Total corruption & cronyism at AFSCME. Loss of democracy in this union which is being controlled by a small group of bureaucrat union bosses. You are punished for being successful because you are seen as a threat to their corrupt rule. Any ideas or innovation outside of their bureaucracy is censored & banished. ** Do not work for these crooked bureaucrats."

Current Employee - In Home Supportive Services Caregiver says

"I have been working at Afscme part-time for more than 8 years Cons: Deceptive union. Just wants your money and then you can't stop it"

Communications says

"I worked at Afscme Cons: Where do I start? Unprofessional work environment, crazy managers that yell at you for no reason and loud people everywhere and dirty offices. They will treat you funny if you don't act like them."

Paralegal says

"I have been working at Afscme Cons: No parking Horrible management Disorganized Building falling apart"

Specialist says

"I worked at Afscme Cons: Management is very cut throat. Unless you are part of the "in crowd" you are always worried about being harassed."

Bo Ro2 says

"Insensitive and Uncaring during tough times I called and no one was available to take my call. What is up with the sudden 10% rent Increase under 5 months and during the pandemic and while most people are struggling or unemployed?! While other businesses are being TRULY APPRECIATIVE of Customer Loyalty and are being CONSIDERATE with their customers' suffering during these tough times (by being forgiving towards rents, mortgage and other payments etc...) Life Storage has to be the opposite and show Thoughtlessness by twisting the knife another notch?! *** Very disappointed***. This is the Wrong Time to be so GREEDY! I believe this Rent increase is due to RETALIATION for Reporting Traces of RAT DROPPINGS at their Teneya location Hallways Facility in LAS VEGAS, NV. This was reported to their main customer service a month ago and they are trying to DRIVE US AWAY WITH THE HIGH RENT INCREASE."

Susan Matos says

"Left home goods (no food!) and furniture in a Life Storage unit in Buffalo. After 1 year, I retrieved the items to find thousands and thousands of dollars in vermin damage. One out of every 4 boxes had significant mouse feces and urine. Boots were chewed through; leather coat and couch were destroyed, silk, cotton, and wool clothing items had bites all over them. I bought insurance but the most I will get is $500, less a $100 deductible. I went to the Life Storage website to write a review a few days after getting my items and I was not able to write anything since I had "closed my account" when I removed my items."

Christy D says

"During the pandemic no compassion!!!! Pay $129 a month for over 7 yrs and asked if late fee could be waived and was told no and because I reached out to corporate who did not get back with me but routed back to the area manager (Tim Cox) over rental in Dallas Tx decided to retaliate on me and say I can't renew! Wow! Well news flash still winning because there are plenty of self storage places, I will get better rate and God is ultimately in control so this could be a push from him to invest the money I have spent in storage (well over 10,000) in a home. Some ppl can't make executive decisions. Dummy. I mean you losing business over $25 late fee. Don't know were some ppl get there training to become in a management position. Most of them get by on GED and from being manager of retail stores w/ no experience on customer service whatsoever. People are so ignorant and try to be evil but guess what Karma has all our contact info. What did that accomplish poor thoughts with customer and the soul should be ashamed for the lack of civility and still by retaliating on me because of being upset that I complained did not stop me from complaining and writing reviews of the worst customer serv experience with LIFE STORAGE! In the long run I am still WINNING!!! To the world there are plenty of self storage facilities that will treat their customers with more compassion and willingness to help during this time. Not only that will address concerns in a timely manner. If you want less than mediocre service and the Don't care attitude then spend your money that keeps them in business stay go there but if you need a business to care for your belongs and to also have a sense for humanity invest in another company to trust with your personal belongs."

Christy D says

"If I could give a zero I would. My dad had been a customer with Life Storage since when the name was Uncle Bob my dad passed away in 2014 and I took over the storage unit in my dad had been a customer with Life Storage since when the name was Uncle Bob my dad passed away in 2014 and I took over the storage unit as far as paying for the rent. I called asking if one day I could get a late fee waived because I was having some issues with the online portal and I was declined for the late fee to be waived by store management. Area director Tim Cox who was less than professional and ended up hanging up in my face after I continued to plead with him in regards to the late fee. Mind you I have been paying since 2014 every month over $100 that's over $8,000 on a storage unit. So fast forward in this pandemic I needed to pay late because of the loss of income and again faced with a late fee. I wrote a email to Life Storage to see if they would waive the late fee and got a response from the manager at the store saying that rent was due on the 5th and then I would have a late fee. I already knew that I couldn't talk to Tim Cox because they were all in cahoots with each other so I tried to get in touch with corporate. Several times I was told that someone would reach back out to me from their offline customer support team and I never got a call back. I finally just started calling people that I knew was in corporate through the directory and ended up leaving a message for a VP. I get a call from Guess Who Tim Cox area manager who tells me that basically he got a message from corporate in the reason why they're not calling me back is because I'm not the primary account holder so therefore at this time they do not want to renew. All because I don't want to deal with him he is retaliating. I will say this company has exhibited no compassion in this situation of people who are going through a hardship and also unprofessionalism. It seemed like if I was a paying a customer they will want to make an executive decision to try to help me out but no and two in response tell me that they're not going to renew my storage space because I complained on him. I would never do business with a company that has no Integrity whatsoever."

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